Savita Bhabhi is tormenting Goa’s moral police


A graphic from the Goa adventures of Savita Bhabhi

Going by Goa tourism boss Nikhil Desai’s definition I have just become a pervert. Desai believes that those who visit porn websites such as the one chronicling the sexual adventures of the fictional Savita Bhabhi are “perverts.” That could be half of the Indian web surfers. The other half would like to but their connection speed is too slow. Thanks to my broadband connection in Chicago I am in and out of such sites blazing fast.

"People who visit these sites are perverts. There will be perverts in this world. I think people who really want to go on a clean holiday will not go by the impression of Goa created on these websites," Desai has been quoted as saying by Mayabhushan Nagvenkar of the IANS. I particularly like the emphasis ‘There will be perverts in the world.’ Indeed, there will be Mr. Desai, there will be.

His comments have been prompted by reports that the creators of Savita Bhabhi have set her latest adventures in Goa under the title ‘Beautiful beaches, sexy swimsuits, one hot bhabhi.’ I visited the website ( in the interest of journalistic accuracy but mainly because I am a perv.

The edition is full of such literary gems as this one popping up as a fantasy balloon above a character called Karan who is vacationing in Goa with his girlfriend, only to be ambushed by Savita Bhabhi. “What a sexy pair of legs. And her boobs… I am sure she is not wearing a bra!”


Savita Bhabhi courtesy

For those of you who are not perverts and do not visit such sites here is what Savita Bhabhi is according to her creators. Her full name is Savita Patel. She is 29 years old and married and likes kitty parties and socializing. “She is a regular Indian woman in the eyes of the world, but only a lucky few know who she really is. Savita has always been aware of her body and the power it has over men. She is unafraid to use it to get what she wants, even if that happens to be just sexual pleasure. Savita is always open to new and exciting sexual experiences.”

It is reassuring to know that the Patels have not risen in protest against the series yet. And also that she never reaches 30.

The IANS story also quotes Superintendent of Police (Special Branch) Atmaram Deshpande who says a cyber cell was being created in the state police force just to go after such websites. "We are keeping track of such websites. But most of these websites are registered abroad and are being operated from there,"  Deshpande says. I don’t know about you but when I read Deshpande saying that the police are “keeping track” of such websites I had this vision of lascivious policemen feverishly scrolling down the PDF pages of Savita Bhabhi.

P.S.: It might be a hilarious idea to set Savita Bhabhi’s next adventures inside a cyber cell where lascivious policemen are tracking her adventures.


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