Here are a few questions that bug me


Space Cat by yours truly

A few random questions have been bugging me for a while. So I might as well get them out of my system.

Why do politicians frequently say there is no silver bullet or magic wand to solve problems as if we could really find one if we looked hard enough? What is the need to state the obvious like there is no silver bullet or magic wand? I am pretty sure people know that there is neither, there can be neither. And if they indeed existed, why would we need politicians or governments? It is time to banish that expression.

Why do married men wear rings? Is it the human equivalent of cattle-branding? What is the ring suppose to accomplish other than constituting a vague warning to women who might act familiar? And unlike cattle-branding, rings are very easily removed. If you don’t believe me ask some of the US Secret Service officers who went to Cartagena. They have something called “wheels off, rings off.” Separately, I find it baffling when physicists doing research in the string theory feel compelled to wear the wedding ring.  I have never worn one and I am not even engaged in the string theory. I would think that once you concern yourself with something so profound as the string theory, something so trivial as the wedding ring would automatically fall off.

Why do people think that stay-at-home moms have the most difficult job in the world? Have they seen women breaking rocks in the 110 degree summer heat at the road construction sites of India’s Public Works Department? I am a stay-at-home dad and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is a blast. While I am at it, why do parents behave as if they are doing the world a favor by raising their children? Because a) Children are not born of their own volition b) They did not ask to be born c) They do not have to be physically stretched everyday and d) They grow up entirely on their own as a natural process. Parents overstate their rather limited role.

Why do atheists display a sense of certitude about the absence of god that rivals believers who display a sense of certitude about the presence of god? They both should know that there is nothing even remotely certain about the universe. Nature is not governed by anthropocentric moralities or certitudes. It will do whatever it has to do to retain equilibrium, including destroy us.

Why do famous and successful people offer, “After all, I am human” as an explanation for a failing or frailty? Is there any serious scientific doubt that famous and successful people are not human? What else could they be if not human? I am not sure if in their private mind they believe that losers like me believe that they are in fact deities with super powers. What is the compelling need to make that clarification—“After all, I am human”? After what?

Why do male ageing scholars write open letters in newspapers to the leaders of their country? Is it because they think such letters have any influence on the powers that be at all? Or is it because such writings create in them a transient sense of grandiosity and give them a short-lived hard-on?

So, so like that.


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