HH does Scottish weather a favor by announcing it

Prince Charles did the Scottish weather a favor by announcing it yesterday on BBC Scotland. The weather of Scotland has never felt so seduced as it did when Charles caressed it in his dulcet, smooth tones.

Weathercasting has become a fun thing on television worldwide and weathercasters do use celebrities and some unscripted humor from time to time. BBC Scotland thought of gainfully employing a prince who is forever waiting to become the king of England.

BBC presenter Sally Magnusson did not forget her guest weathercaster’s honorific as she said, "Let’s take a look at the weather forecast now. I’m delighted to say we’ve got a new member of our weather team – let me hand over to him now. Your Highness…"

His Highness was waiting holding the pointer with very royally mild amusement in his right hand and left hand inside the pocket of his double-breasted coat. Do notice that the left hand was inside just a little above his knuckles. Right on cue, as the presenter said “Your Highness”, he gave her a very propah nod sideways with a slight arch of his eyebrows and began as if he was born to do it.

“Well it is an unsettled picture as we head towards the end of the week,” he said making it sound improbably profound. For a moment I thought the weather was instructed to courtesy and behave in whatever impromptu manner that the prince wanted it to. The Scottish weather matters to Charles because he is known to spend a lot of time there.

There is something about those forever living surrounded by royal privilege that whatever they do comes across as something of great significance. I suspect even when members of the British royal family pee they do so as if they are doing the urinal a favor. “Let me take a bit of a tinkle on you,” is what they might say.

Say what you will about the British royals but you have to grant them this—no one does royalty with such subtle but unmistakable sense of entitlement as them. The genteel imperiousness, the  judicious stammer, the studied fidgetiness, the eternal expression of forgiveness for the less fortunate, common folk like us for the sheer temerity to exist, it is all done with such extraordinary élan.


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