The Naked Royal Ape


Britain’s “Prince” Harry in fully glory in his hotel suite in Las Vegas. Picture exclusively on

From a straight male perspective I have always considered the naked male body a rather ridiculous collection of awkwardly dangling limbs and fleshy protrusions.

The only thing good about nakedness is that it is a great equalizer between a prince and a pauper. There is nothing distinctive about a royal body once it is stripped bare. It has the same droopy primal feel.

Speaking of princes and primal feel, TMZ, the celebrity gossip website, has just published naked pictures of Britain’s “Prince” Harry who is vacationing in Las Vegas after being tired of vacationing in his own palaces in London. The lad needs a break from all the royal indolence he has to grapple with on a daily basis after all.

One TMZ picture shows Harry covering his scrotum/groin area and watching television with a naked girl behind him. I am no expert at guessing the dimensions of male assets by just looking at them but the fact that he is able to fully cover them behind his palms tells me that they are not particularly impressive. And remember these are the crown jewels pampered on a daily basis like the rest of the royal body they are attached to.

I am fairly certain that other than very private internal disappointment laced with a gentle royal reprimand we are unlikely to hear much about this from the royal family. TMZ quotes an unnamed representative of the Buckingham Palace to say, “We have no comment to make on the photos at this time."

I doubt if papa Charles would land a thumping kick on Harry’s royal buttocks for this indiscretion. Shorn of all the manufactured outrage, there is nothing to the story other than a horny young man of privilege having a great time with equally horny obliging young women in a town where Viagra/Cialis are sprayed in the air and carnality is on steroids 24/7. Men get a hard-on just as soon as they book a flight to Las Vegas. It subsides only on the return flight.

So Harry need not feel coy about the pictures. Looking at the pictures, I am reminded of Desmond Morris’s 1967 masterpiece ‘The Naked Ape.” Here is what Morris writes in the introduction.



The pictures reveal nothing other than how young men of wealth and even devoid of it feast and fornicate when they can.


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