Blake Lively in slow motion, wearing Gucci’s Premiere and a whole lot of glamor


Why is it that something that is visually striking always seems right? It is not necessarily right but it certainly feels so.

Opening The New York Times site this morning my eyes were instantly drawn to this Gucci commercial featuring American model and actress Blake Lively. The first draw was this particular frame above. It has all the predictable elements of a woman of mystery, at hand and yet unattainable.

As soon as I saw this frame I was reminded of a painting by Sam Pitroda. (See below). The colors are very different but there is something to this feminine pose that makes me hear the woman say, “Approach…On second thoughts, don’t.” I know my imagination is running wild but that’s the way it is.


Blake Lively, left, and Sam Pitroda’s painting right


Being a lifelong sucker for fragrances, perfume/cologne commercials never fail to trap me. And if they happen to be well done the way this one is, it becomes particularly irresistible.

As a rule such commercials are all about the mood and the atmosphere and the mystique because they do not have a particular point to them. Lively is required to look stunning (very easy for her), somewhat distant (equally easy), walk as if she owns the universe (no sweat there) and blissful after she sprays the new fragrance Premiere (no work there).

You get the sense that life for Lively as she is seen in the commercial is unrelentingly glamorous, forever fragrant and in effortless slow-mo.

It is unfortunate that we all cannot walk in slow motion looking as captivating and smelling as arresting as Blake Lively in Gucci’s Premiere. If there is any consolation, we can always watch her do that for 32 seconds and then return to our malodorous mundaneness.

Now if you please, I have to go shave, shower and spray a cocktail of cheap colognes together costing about four dollars.


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