Ricky Gervais is Just Sayin’


Ricky Gervais showing off Just Sayin’

Even though we need less of Ricky Gervais, we have got more. Much more. The greatly successful British comedian, creator of the hit TV series ‘The Office’ and unsparing host of the Golden Globes, not to mention someone who is getting interviewed everyday somewhere on the planet, has just introduced the first audio-based social media app.

Called Just Sayin’ the app has been described thus by the co-founder of the venture and CEO David Hayden:

“Just Sayin’ is the first voice conversation app for social media. The free cloud based iPhone application allows you to cross-post conversations to your respective Twitter and Facebook profiles, and share any combination of voice, text, photos, and video.

The app’s technology enables news outlets to utilize social media for interviews and reporting, celebrities can now engage with fans in dialogue, and the general public can communicate online as they would offline, speaking. It allows YOU to converse with your friends and find new friends using your VOICE with photos, text and video. It’s Fun!

Ricky Gervais, “The Office” creator and comedic Innovator and Internet Web 1.0 visionary, David Hayden partnered to create Just Sayin’ because they felt voice was the missing link to a users online social media persona.”

Despite being a certifiable geek/nerd I am not sure I see the app’s allure. My first reaction to the app as used by Gervais himself on his own site was a very erudite ‘Meh.’ That’s precisely why it is likely to succeed. Anything that is lost on me usually becomes commercially huge.

So rather than paraphrasing let me just quote the company’s official backgrounder verbatim and complete the introduction.

“Just Sayin’ is especially valuable to celebrities whose fans demand personal and authentic content; politicians, athletes, comedians, and musicians can use Just Sayin’ to better engage their fans. Powered by Just Sayin’, you can listen to Ricky heckle his friend Karl as well as be a part of the conversation. Ricky can also respond to his followers by voice or even invite a celebrity or you into a public conversation. 2008 Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, soccer star Brandi Chastain, and musical talents Cavo, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Crossfade, and IKILLYA, were able to use Just Sayin’ to speak directly to fans. Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx shares, “I use the JustSayin app as a way to further close the gap between fan and artist. Not only do the fans get to hear my voice directly but I get to hear theirs as well. I love it."

Just Sayin’ is compatible with any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). Just Sayin’ also has a browser accessible version available as http://www.justsayinapp.com. Just Sayin’ will soon be available in the Google Play Android marketplace by the end of 2012.”

From my limited perusal (There! The moment I deliberately used that archaic, 1950s word which flourishes only in India among solicitous government jobseekers, I signed myself out of the Just Sayin’ revolution) it seems to me that the app would be mostly useful for those who have some measure of high public profile or celebrity. Why would anyone want to listen to my conversations and then get involved in them?

I am not convinced that we need more social conversation than what we are already having. Like with Gervais we can do less of social conversation because so many are talking (not to mention blogging like this one) that no one is really listening. It is not the Planet Blah.

But that’s me. I have been frequently wrong about these tech trends. There is no reason why I wouldn’t be wrong one more time. So good luck, Mr. Gervais and Mr. Hayden. I am just sayin’.

P.S.: Did you notice the number of times I have used Ricky Gervais and Just Sayin’ in this post in an unabashed attempt to make it more search-worthy on Google?


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