Who wants the money back?

For an avowedly pro-business party that never tires of boasting about its sharp entrepreneurial instincts, I wonder how the Republican Party’s grandees such as Karl Rove would explain that the return on their close to $400 million election investment has been next to nothing. To use their own cold logic someone in charge will have to be fired and fired fast and hard such that their ass hurts.

If I were a billionaire donor to Rove’s Super Presidential Action Committee (PAC) American Crossroads, I would be thumping my desk so much that everything on it would rattle as if a rampaging dinosaur was approaching. (I had to get that imagery in). However, if you are a true billionaire either you have no desk at all or you have one made of African Blackwood that is completely devoid of anything at all other than an alligator/python leather top.

Without going into the details of their working, super PACs are legally sanctioned conduits for unlimited amounts of often anonymous cash handed by millionaires and billionaires to win elections at any and all costs.  While both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party benefitted from their ideologically aligned super PACs, it appears that the former got much more out of them in terms financial support during the just concluded elections.

Although presidential campaigns are forbidden from even subtly coordinating or communicating with these Super PACs, there are enough ways for them to gauge the minds of the campaigns from outside.

One can be sure that Rove would not be badgered by billionaire creditors with calls the way I am but he would have been at least made aware of their displeasure by now. The fact that post-election the government looks no different than what it was pre-election is not what these billionaires bargained for. Barack Obama is still the president, the US Senate is still under a Democratic control and the House of Representatives is Republican dominated. It is as if all the hundreds of millions were spent to buy the same political configuration.

Mitt Romney, the defeated presidential contender, must find the result particularly galling because he is the one who has had a career of turning businesses around so that he would almost always profit no matter what. If Romney the businessman were approached with a business plan for Romney the politician I doubt if he would have invested or allowed others to invest such staggering sums. The time he gave himself to succeed at his presidential ambitions before he failed was probably a million times longer than what he would have afforded an ailing enterprise bought over by his former company Bain Capital.

There is nothing to stop Romney from trying one more time in 2016 but odds are that he won’t because even billionaires are not sot foolish.


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