A sulfurous yellow river coursing through the red banks


‘The M River’ by Mayank Chhaya

A sulfurous yellow river courses through the red banks. Floating in it is the first letter of its creator’s name, repeated four times. Written in Gujarat the letter ‘M’ (m as in murmur) stands for my first name Mayank.

I drew this yesterday on a whim. The more I look at it, the more I like it, particularly the red and yellow eddies. They look glassy.  I would not mind living along the red banks watching the sulfur rich water slide by. Depending on how concentrated the sulfur is I might sit on the edge of one of the eddies dangling my feet in it and cast a net to catch a few Ms.

I could have written about two generals, one mistress, one surgeon’s wife, a shirtless FBI agent and a whole load tawdriness. Perhaps I will do it tomorrow. Today, as India celebrates Diwali the festival of a billion lights, it is best to light up the scene with some striking colors.

There are those who believe this is an auspicious time and things created and sold during it could fetch handsome returns. So may be someone would bid on this and save me some financial distress. This is a purely digital creation for now but can be transferred on paper. Any takers? I am only joking. This is not for sale.


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