A short post about post-apocalyptic world


A slice of the post-Mayan prophesy world (Image alteration by Mayank Chhaya)

Let’s just pretend that the world did indeed end today as purportedly, reputedly, supposedly prophesied by the Mayans. We can then pretend that we now live in a post-apocalyptic tinderscape and use that as the ultimate extenuating circumstance to justify all our follies, frailties and idiocies.

I don’t know about you but I have decided to view the world as it will exist the post-Mayan prophesy as a bizarre repudiation of the pre-Mayan prophesy world. In this world morality will be situational and not absolute. It may have been so before as well but now that will be the bedrock of life.

Truths and lies will be interchangeable. Or better still, truth will be what you believe and lie will be what you cannot. They will have nothing to do with objective reality. There will no objective reality. All truths and lies will be purely individual, situational and hence utterly flexible.

Let me give you an everyday example to illustrate how this might work. A owes B $100. A gives B $10 and pretends the debt is paid off. B pretends A paid nothing, not even $10. The two get into an argument. A asserts he (Let’s keep all things bad to be male) paid $100 (A lie but he believes it) and B says he never received any money (Also, a lie and he believes it too). Things get so complicated that A begins to claim that he never even took a loan (A lie that he believes) while B now says he had lent A $1000 (A lie that he believes). And so on. If your head is spinning, please remember that we are in a post-apocalyptic tinderscape.

The advantage of treating the world, which did not actually get destroyed, as the post-Mayan prophesy world after destruction is that everything will make sense, including why Psy’s Gangnam Style music video has been viewed nearly a billion times. While on the subject, it has actually not been viewed by close to a billion people but viewed close to a billion times. The two are very different. I am told of the nearly billion YouTube views (997 million at the last count), almost 990 million times it was viewed by Justin Bieber who is wondering how the South Korean overtook his ‘Baby’ video.

One of the biggest advantages of the post-Mayan prophesy world will be that all debts from the one before will be declared as either null and void, settled or uncollectable in perpetuity. When the financial systems changed over to the new world, they were not allowed to carry over the debts. So here is a marvelous opportunity for all to created a whole new indebtedness.

The best would be if the advent of a new Mayan cycle also means that our collective species memory got erased altogether. What we now have is a wholly new memory. Think of it as a brand new global sentient operating system which has no connection whatsoever to the last one, not a single app or experience survived the changeover. This operating system is based entirely on natural intuition which all sentient beings are equipped with.

The things that survived are, as I said at the beginning, our follies, frailties and idiocies.What is different is that the changeover created the ultimate extenuating circumstance or justification, if you will, for those.

Just about now, this post is beginning to sound individually post-apocalyptic. Before I end it, could it be that the Mayan prophesy destroyed only the world as I perceived it?


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