Deporting Piers Morgan


CNN host Piers Morgan (Pic: A TV grab from

There are many reasons to deport CNN host Piers Morgan from America, including for being Piers Morgan, but his passionate advocacy of gun control is certainly not one of them.

Besides, I am not even sure if the Brits would want him back so soon after he came to live in America. It has only been seven years since they deported him*. Let this once great colonial power, now in decline, catch a break.



A petition on the White House We the People website has already garnered almost 60,000 signatures as of this morning. It requires a minimum of 25,000 signatures to compel an official response from the White House. As far as I know the White House has not responded but the petition’s proponents seriously want Morgan deported for the following reason:

“British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the US Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment. We demand that Mr Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”

The petition was created by a certain Kurt N. of Austin, Texas on December 21in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings that killed 20 children and six adults. On his show ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’, he said, "The argument I keep hearing is ‘well if everybody else was armed, it wouldn’t happen. It’s a load of total hogwash,” he had said.

Morgan being Morgan is thoroughly enjoying all the attention that he and his show is getting because of the petition. There is next to no chance that he will be deported because of the petition. All that the petition is accomplishing so far is getting him a lot of attention. There is nothing at all original in what Morgan has been saying about gun control and a ban on those deadly assault weapons. What makes him effective is mainly his CNN platform and, partly, that he is a Briton with the kind of British accent that always has that subterranean mocking tone.

I much rather prefer Robin Lustig, the freshly retired BBC radio broadcaster and the host of the ‘Newshour’. His style was authoritative and yet indulgent, sincere and yet skeptical. In contrast, Morgan simply sounds as if he has headphones permanently implanted in his ears so that he can hear only himself. Now that is certainly one reason to deport him.

For some reason every time I see Morgan I think of Robin ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ Leach. That Leach is also an Englishman is just one part of it. Morgan comes across as the kind who always wanted to be among Leach’s “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” (It strikes me that my mind is stewing in such useless trivia).

*That’s a joke. Being a Brit himself Britain cannot deport him.


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