Enjoying coincidences



Few things make me as happy as coincidences. I have had my share of them on such a regular basis that I do wonder if they are a little more than that. The latest one happened yesterday.

It began with Mars. For my weekly Hindi column in the rural newspaper ‘Gaon Connection’ I decided to write about NASA’s Mars mission as being the signature achievement of 2012. Until yesterday I used to write Hindi in the English script which the newspaper’s copy editors would convert into the Hindi Devnagri script in India.

Having just discovered the Google Transliterate app I chose to use it to write in Devnagri. It is an amazing app because it lets you key in Hindi words in English and almost simultaneously offers you their Hindi version. This is a remarkable technological accomplishment in itself. It was just as well that I used one to write about something even more marvel-worthy, namely NASA’s Curiosity mission to Mars.

Now to the coincidence. Mars is called Mangal in Hindi. After writing the first three paragraphs of the column I happened to notice the font tab. The app had automatically chosen a font called ‘Mangal’. That made me almost as jubilant as the Curiosity mission scientists had felt when the rover landed on the planet on August 6 this year.

In the absence of any other explanation, I must put this under the ‘Coincidences’ column of my life. I am sure some would rationalize saying since there was a mention of the word ‘Mangal’ in my text, Word might have automatically chosen that as the font. That’s a fair a point but my default font for all Word documents in English is Calibri. I did not change anything before typing my column.

Another coincidentally routine occurrence in my life takes place at anytime during the day or night. This has happened for at least a decade and several times in a week. I have this old habit of looking at the clock every time I am awakened by some need such drinking water or voiding my bladder (That sounds hilarious). More often than not the time on the digital alarm radio clock would be 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, not necessarily in that order but randomly. This is has zero significance in any realm but as coincidences go it is pretty neat. For instance, on December 12, 2012, I was awakened by thirst and the the time was 12:12.

Before I begin to sound like those people who get routinely kidnapped by aliens and anal-probed I should end this column. Incidentally, the column finished precisely at 8.08 CST.


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