A few observations about zero time-lag teleportation


Just some random artwork I created yesterday

My fascination with teleportation predates my awareness of the word. It has been a childhood fantasy.

Of course, there is nothing even remotely unique about the fact that it has occupied my mind since childhood. Millions of children harbor some version of the fantasy about teleportation. And then they grow up to become adults, bereft and robbed of fantasies, brought crashing down into the morass of mundane mediocrity. (Don’t worry. I have not lost it.)

Teleportation woke me up at the usual time when such ideas tend to wake me up—around 3 a.m. It was 3.33 to be precise. I am not sure if you notice such things but when you look at 3.33 on a digital clock from lower angle (I was sleeping on the floor and my vantage point was right under the clock) it reads E:EE. That prepared me for some unusual rumination. Some of that rumination forms this morning’s post.


I am interested in teleportation that is not achieved with the help of some complex external gizmo but something that is achieved spontaneously from within. Also, it has to be such that there is literally zero time lag in going from one place in the universe to another. In other words, we should be able to happily violate Albert Einstein’s law that nothing can travel faster than light. I am talking about literally instant materialization of our entire body without losing a single molecule anywhere in the universe, literally in no time. (I had to use literally twice to make a point). You think and you are there. In a sense you are everywhere not just in spirit but also in body. The trouble with being everywhere simultaneously is that you are never really anywhere. This is paradoxical and, from a human standpoint, rather freaky and utterly disorienting.

It is not my intention to be everywhere at the same time. I am merely saying that one has to have the option of going anywhere in the universe in absolutely no time at all. The implications of this ability are so profound that it is impossible to list them on a free blog. Let me just give you one rather trivial and utterly inconsequential example of what teleportation at this level of mind-bending sophistication can do. It will instantly eliminate the idea of nation-states, borders, visa regimes, passports, transportation, gasoline, and essentially the entirely movement-migration based economy, philosophy, regimes, prejudices and so on.

You might argue what such an ability will do in terms of crimes and criminals who can no longer be found and incarcerated. Well, I am talking about such an evolved civilization that crime has been completely eliminated or, conversely if it exists, those who commit any instantly lose this ability. They just get confined automatically within a certain radius. The size of that radius will depend on the kind of crime they have committed. The restrictive circle around criminal gets progressively narrower to the point that in the case of grave criminals the radius is no more than a few feet. But the point of this post is not about creating some bizarrely futuristic version of our currently flawed civilization.

Coming back to the genuinely zero time-lag teleportation, can you imagine how liberating it would be for every sentient being? The idea of populating a significant part of the universe will no longer remain unachievable. The idea of “colonizing” anything will become redundant because one is anywhere and everywhere simultaneously if one so chooses.

I have thought through this a lot but would not like inundate you with so much. I would argue that the only ability worth having is this level of teleportation. I am presuming that any evolution that takes us to this level of sophistication will also necessarily ensure that the frailties and vulnerabilities of our bodies are also eliminated altogether. I am not talking about immortality but invincibility within a specific lifespan. One can always have the option of an infinite terminate-return-terminate-return cycle. However, that choice is entirely individual.


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