Failure is liberating

I am republishing this post  which was originally written on October 27 (a Sunday), last year, mainly because I am running late today.



My conception of broken relationships/failure (Illustration Mayank Chhaya)

I am an advocate of broken relationships that mend occasionally rather than good relationships that go sour frequently.

Broken relationships are unambiguous and easy to grasp. They are in high definition (HD). In contrast, good relationships have unexpected layers of ambiguities and one can never tell when they might come apart. They are in standard definition (SD). I suspect broken relationships have a much higher pixel density than good relationships.

Since I conceive life, including relationships, visually it makes sense that I naturally prefer the visual clarity of relationships broken in HD to relationships intact in SD.


My conception of good relationships/success (Illustration Mayank Chhaya)

These may sound like ridiculous ruminations of an idle mind on a Sunday morning but they do genuinely sum up how I approach life. Let me conflate and extrapolate to even claim that failure has much greater clarity than success. Failure leaves no doubt while success has room for skepticism.

Failure is liberating while success is shackling. Success raises benchmarks for future performances and heightens expectations. Failure, on the other hand, erases benchmarks and removes expectations. Failure has the potential to pleasantly surprise you. Success carries the risk of disappointment.

I can assure you I have neither drunk nor inhaled anything mood altering in the last 24 hours or anytime ever before that. This post has practically written itself. I can feel that after reaching this point it has begun to groan, the surest sign that it has run its course. So, so like that.


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