Prepping for two upcoming movies


I have begun pre-production work on two movies that I am involved in—one as an executive producer and writer and the other as writer and director.

The first one is a gentle drama based on a true story drawn from the life of a friend in Chicago, while the other is a purely fictional political action thriller written by me. With as much luck as money I am hopeful that both these projects will be completed before 2013 runs out. If not, I will have the satisfaction of having been able to say that I have begun pre-production work on two movies. I always wanted to say that from my childhood.

We had our second meeting to discuss finer details of the first film yesterday. The outcome of the meeting was that we will shoot about ten minutes as a promo to be pitched to the moneybags. This particular film is based in Chicago and Los Angeles and has three central characters—a woman professor in Chicago, a businessman in Los Angeles and a young Indian American student. I can’t tell you more because I am bound by a non-disclosure agreement. That’s not true but I always wanted to say that from my childhood.

The second film is a multilingual political action thriller to be shot mainly in English and Hindi with a smattering of French and Gujarati. The central character is a half Algerian, half Indian (Gujarati) contract killer hired for a major hit in India. I intend shooting the movie mainly in Algiers and Ahmedabad with some scenes in Diu. The movie has played out in my mind several times, including very specific frames and shot divisions. As a tribute to my profession, a daily newspaper reporter and the printing press have a major presence in the film. In fact, the film opens inside the printing press. I am quite excited about the way the assassin’s character is introduced in the first few frames of the film. I am directing this film even if it means making a fool of myself because I always wanted to publicly make a fool of myself from my childhood.

Too many other childhood wishes may well come true this year, including purposefully peering through a movie camera on a movie set even as actors anxiously await my instructions. I have decided not to say “lights, camera, sound, action.” My line to signal the start of everything will be, “Yup.”

Currently, I am casting for both these movies which have not even been funded yet. My business plan is to find a whole lot of suckers drawn by the vague promise of showbiz glamor. I am not sure about the first one but the second film will be made under my own production and publishing company called Yet Unnamed Productions as well as Yet Unnamed Publishers (YUP). The catch line of my venture is “YUP, That’s right.’ At least the logo of the company is ready. I have designed that. All that I need now is a lot of money and people and office and talent and things of that nature.

I would not blame you if you cannot really figure out whether I am mocking or I am serious about the two movies. Let me simply say that they are well and truly underway.


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