Cats cannot control cascading curiosities


Space Cat by Mayank Chhaya

Caution: The post contains nerd humor.

You may attribute the odd nature of today’s post to my sleep-deprived mind. My system did not shut down well last night. As a result, I was kept awake by random ideas almost all night.

The predominant thought was this immaculately conceived alliteration: Cats cannot control cascading curiosities. Cats led me to Erwin Schrodinger and his thought experiment known as Schrodinger’s cat. That in turn led me to two imaginary events.

One involved Schrodinger, Werner Heisenberg and Albert Einstein. The three were at a café in Vienna waiting for their coffee and talking about this, that and the other.

Schrodinger: Werner, I am going out of town. Would you mind looking after my cat?

Heisenberg: It depends.

Schrodinger: Depends on what?

Heisenberg: Whether you want me to look after the one that is alive or the one that is dead.

Einstein: That’s all relative. If it is alive, it needs no looking after. And if it is dead, well, it needs no looking after.

The three guffawed and left without drinking their coffee.

Moments later, a waiter came to their table with their order but did not find them there. However, all three had individually paid the whole bill. The waiter laughed and muttered, “Three great scientists but couldn’t do a simple three-way division.”

The second imaginary incident involved Schrodinger and a delivery man.

A delivery man comes to Schrodinger’s residence and rings the doorbell.

Schrodinger, who was solving some equations, asked absentmindedly: Who’s there if you are there?

The delivery man:There is a package for you.

The scientist opens the door. The delivery man hands him a receipt to sign and says,"Sir, you ordered a cat litter box and a shovel.”

The delivery man: Don’t mind my asking, sir, but why both?

Schrodinger: You never know how my experiment might end.

Re-reading these two incidents created by me, it strikes me that I have far too much imagination to actually do anything worthwhile.

P.S.: I wanted to create an April fooler today but looking at what Google did here, I told myself I couldn’t top that.


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