Hopefully going on display on Saatchi


The first of my digital paintings on display at saatchionline.com, pending verification of my ID

Friend and photographer Chandu Mhatre introduced me to saatchionline.com, a leading website that lets artists in all genres display their works and hopefully sell them. Lately, one has developed the pretensions of being an artist. So one has decided to display one’s digital artworks on the site. (The one would be me).

Pending the verification of my identity, my artworks will hopefully go on sale soon. Equally hopefully, someone will actually get to them, like them, find them worthwhile to spend any money of them and eventually buy them. In short, there are several obstacles to surmount before I will know whether I have what it takes to make someone other than me to like what I do and like it enough to pay for it. Creating rocks but selling sucks.

I have created close to 40 digital paintings in recent weeks. Almost all of them are rendered in 2000 pixels by 1000 pixels or about 5 inches by 3 inches. After creating my account on Saatchi I discovered that the minimum size they accept is 2000 by 1500. That meant that I had nothing to upload for now. So this morning I created the artwork above titled ‘Black Flower’ to meet the dimensions required by the website.

There is a reason why pink is so prominent in the artwork. Apart from the fact that it is a visually striking color, it is also motivated by something I heard on NPR’s signature science show ‘Science Friday’ hosted by an effusive Ira Flatow. The other day he interviewed Adam Alter, assistant professor of marketing and psychology at NYU’s Stern School of Business and author of the new book ‘Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave’. One of the themes Alter touched upon was the draw of the color pink on humans. I took cue from that theory and made my artwork partly pink.

In a sense, this could turn out to be an experiment to test the theory that pink has a draw on humans. But it was also clarified that looking at pink too long may cause what is known as the backlash effect which in turn could not only neutralize any therapeutic effect it might have had but even cause a disturbance. So let’s see what happens with this one.

See my portfolio here:


Here is how saatchionline.com describes themselves:

Saatchi Online is a platform that allows emerging artists to showcase and sell their work and gives art lovers insider access to new talent from around the world.

Launched in 2006 by London’s renowned Saatchi Gallery, Saatchi Online aims to continue the gallery’s legacy of promoting new, contemporary talent and bringing great art to a wide audience.

For Art Lovers

A place for first-time buyers and serious collectors alike, Saatchi Online brings new talent directly to our members through a curated environment. Featuring a diverse range of mediums and price ranges, Saatchi Online makes it easy for anyone to purchase art. Like something? We’ll deliver it directly from the artist to you, anywhere in the world.

For Artists

Our vision has always been to empower sustainable careers. We enable artists to sell their originals as well as make them available as prints while giving them access to an engaged global audience. Artists manage their own portfolios and price their own work letting both artists and collectors skip the formalities of the traditional gallery structure.

P.S.: Please go buy from my collection of artworks which will go up very soon. Let me earn. Let Saatchi earn.


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