We are mostly what we do not eventually do


‘Joss sticks’ by Mayank Chhaya

It has been a while since I wrote some random epigrams, aphorisms and maxims. It is funny how I have concluded that what I am about to say has the merit of being classified as epigrams, aphorisms and maxims. Let’s blame it on conceit. Speaking of which, I can start with one about conceit that I wrote in my 20s.

* Humility is the ultimate form of conceit.

* No dam can harness the raging waters of narcissism, says a narcissist.

* The trellis must not think that the climbing vine is in love with it. For the climbing vine it is strictly utilitarian.

* My failures have been ordinary, triumphs mediocre and tragedies minor. I have no future as a writer.

* We are mostly what we do not eventually do.

* Every time I jumped over the wall of my conscience, I landed on the same side. Either there is no wall or there are no sides or may be there is no conscience.

* Debt is a great destroyer of moral immunity.

* Don’t dust your conscience here. I am suffering from moral asthma.

* Failure clarifies. Success muddies.

* Failure is a great filter. Success has no gatekeepers.

* A burning candle tells you that light is a result of destruction. So does the sun.

* Epigrams are like a goat’s droppings. They drop fast and dry up fast.

* A civilization is built and preserved by the largest number of people suppressing their vilest impulses.

* For a blog that costs you nothing, like this one, freeloading ends here.


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