The Horsehead Nebula as a painting


On its 23rd birthday the Hubble telescope has produced some stunning views of the universe. One in particular, that of the famous Horsehead Nebula, is extraordinary. Watch the video above. I was inspired enough to create this digital painting titled ‘The Horse Nebula’, now on sale on

The Horsehead is 1500 light years away from Earth. That means what we are seeing now is 1500 years old. Given the incomprehensible timescale of the universe and its distances, one can be reasonably sure that currently as it exists now the nebula looks pretty much the same. Unless something catastrophic has happened in the past 1500 years that has made the nebula disappear, it should continue to look like the epic horsehead in the constellation Orion.

It is the distant perspective from our planet that probably gives the nebula the equine contours. Close up it may just look and feel like a hazy emptiness.

The entire purpose of today’s post is to plug my digital painting. I am sure the Horsehead does not have an earthly agent who might demand an appearance fee for this superstar nebula in the sky in my painting.


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