Lookalike and Feelalike- Jerry Seinfeld and Brooks Atwood


Industrial designer Brooks Atwood, left, Comedian Jerry Seinfeld

I don’t quite know what but it says something about me that I find it worth my while to produce a post like this. Lookalikes and Feelalikes have been a popular feature on this blog for quote sometime where I choose two totally random people who either look alike or, at the very least, feel alike.

When I first saw industrial designer Brooks Atwood, a participant on HGTV’s reality show ‘Design Star’, I instantly told myself Jerry Seinfeld.There is a clear resemblance between the two, even with Atwood’s frizzy hair and moustache-beard combo. If Seinfeld were cast in a French avant-garde movie about a tortured novelist who wants to experience firsthand the life of a deliberately homeless painter, this would be the look. Don’t get me wrong. I think Atwood’s style is rather hip and compelling and one that Seinfeld will never emulate in real life.

Coming back to what it is that prompts me to synthesize so much useless information, I have not been able to figure that one out. You might remember the other day I showed you how similar the hands of Dr. Amar Gopal Bose and Dev Anand seemed. It is a reflection on me that I notice such ridiculous details and even choose to occasionally write about them.

I think it is only fair that I rework one of the two images to show you why I think Seinfeld and Atwood look alike to me. By the way, I have taken the trouble to actually paint new hair on Seinfeld’s head and face because I do not have Photoshop to doctor Atwood’s image by erasing his facial hair.



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