‘Unfinished Love’


Chicago skyline from a frozen frame of an upcoming movie ‘Unfinished Love’ (Photo: Raghunandan Bharathur)

Helming a modestly budgeted feature film as its executive producer comes with little to no glamor and considerable challenges. Its rewards, if any at all, are rather underwhelming. Notwithstanding that, I have a good feeling about ‘Unfinished Love’, the film whose production I am overseeing these days.

I wrote in May about shooting a short promo for the movie based on real events that unfolded in the life of dear friend Dr. Bharat Thakkar, a Chicago-based engineer, teacher and poet. We are almost ready with that promo. With some luck I have managed to convince national award winning Indian director Sri Prasad to direct the film. Prasad’s young son-in-law, Raghunandan Bharathur, who is an engineer by training and vocation, has been generous enough to shoot the promo using his own equipment.

So far not a penny has been spent on the promo because everybody is chipping in. I am trying something new to pitch the movie to potential investors. Rather than orally describing what the movie is about and what it might look like, we are shooting a few dramatic scenes to lure investors.



On the sets of ‘Unfinished Love’, left, Raghunandan Bharathur and director Sri Prasad

If things go as planned my plan is to begin principal photography in August. With some tight control we can wrap the film in about six weeks. We are yet to finalize the cast because we have no money to offer established actors. That’s where the promo comes in. With that as a calling card we are hoping to raise some seed capital.

I intend following the same model for my own feature film ‘The South Block’, a political thriller which I have written and will direct sometime in October out of India. At this stage it is still like a castle in the air but then I have this old habit of building castles in the air and living in them until they are foreclosed upon.


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