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For the past couple of days I have been working on creating a series of artworks based on the color blue and shades in its vicinity. I think describing what I do as “working on” is a bit grand because really what I do is click virtual colors and move my mouse on a virtual canvas using the app Fresh Paint. Some of that leads to these images.

The collage above represents six in the Blue series. I have not uploaded these works on my Saatchi portfolio mainly because even from the existing 35 pieces not one has sold yet. If history is any guide, nothing is ever likely to sell. So why let my inventory bloat?

There is nothing particularly unique or inventive about these works. If there is a story to some of them it is that they were done at the peak of my current migraine headache. In so much as they represent the visual conception of a migraine-hit brain, they might hold some clues. Other than that they are just like a trillion other pieces of art floating around in the world.

I like them because that’s the least you could do when you create something. Another approach is to create something out of a deep dislike. I am yet to try that approach.

I was vaguely familiar with what happens when you mix any two colors and keep churning them. With Fresh Paint I can now see how their tone changes with every swirl. In most cases the new tone is progressively deeper than the last one.

Since I am making random observations about my artworks, I have noticed that a predominant majority of my work roughly coincides with the aspect ratios of either 1.85:1 or 2.39:1. That’s like a widescreen movie frame. Left to me I would like to permanently frame the world in these aspect ratios. That way you think you are forever watching a movie.

There is something to these aspect ratios that helps me disconnect from the action and turns me into a spectator. What I like about spectating is that you participate without being responsible. Before my cogency begins to fray at its edges because of my migraine, it is best to conclude here.


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