Gujarati edition of Dalai Lama biography


A mockup cover of my Gujarati language edition of the Dalai Lama biography

The Gujarati language edition of my Dalai Lama biography is about to be released. Translated by Sudha Mehta, the biography is being published by WBG Publication run by a young publisher named Chetan Sangani of Ahmedabad.

One unusual thing about Chetan is that rather than expecting readers to come to bricks and mortar stores, he takes books to them throughout my home state of Gujarat. He conducts regular mobile sales throughout the year. The idea of taking books to the readers may seem a quaint one but Chetan tells me it works very well because a festive event builds around such sales rather quickly. It is more celebration of literature rather than just selling of it.

When he first approached me for the Gujarati rights of the biography, so far published in 22 languages, he said he was confident to eventually sell at least 20,000 copies. Incidentally, in the Indian context this is an impressive figure. Of course, Chetan’s optimism is yet to be tested.

We intend doing a formal release in Ahmedabad sometime in October but I would be equally interested in accompanying Chetan on one of his mobile excursions and interacting with readers directly.

While I am plugging myself, I might as well again tell you about the upcoming updated versions of the English biography for the Indian and U.S. markets. It has five new chapters and will be current almost right up to the time of its publication in the next couple of months.

I am betting on the Gujarati edition outselling every one of the other language editions. If it does not, it is not like someone would sue me.


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