Beneath the cloudlike dew….


Mist by Mayank Chhaya

There are infinite reasons why nature casts its spell on us. For me perhaps the most striking reason why it is so captivating is because it is so unmindful of who is watching. It is a bewitching spectacle where the main performer, namely nature, does not care if anyone is spectating. It does what it does, which is almost invariably arresting, irrespective of who is there to chronicle or relish it.

This morning while driving to finish an utterly mundane chore I chanced upon a layer of low hanging mist right above the straw grass in the forest preserve. The mist was very sharply defined and it divided the grass below and the horizon above clearly. There were early morning joggers slicing through the mist as if floating half above the cloud and running half under it.

The way the mist had gathered just above the spiky grass blades it seemed like it was nature’s way of protecting the sky from being pricked. What is remarkable about such sights is that they are merely in the natural order of things, part of an eternal process. It is like nature is in constant negotiation with itself to maintain equilibrium.

The whole scene was so effortlessly magical that I had to come back and quickly paint my impression of it seen above and convey in the Hindi verses below.



Beneath the cloudlike dew

Lives brew

Beneath the sky blue

Soft wet feet move


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