Miley Cyrus foam-fingers the entertainment world


Miley Cyrus at MTV’s Video Music Awards (

As the coarsening of pop culture goes, I would rate Miley Cyrus foam-fingering the entertainment world at 0.724 on a scale of 10. In other words, it means nothing. It has no significance. It is not an indicator of any pop trends. It is not even remotely shocking. Silly? Sure, you can call it that. It was also manufactured rebellious juvenilia but beyond that it deserves no response.

She twerked her perky buttocks in the audience’s face, suggestively moved her right hand gloved in a foam finger through her own crotch and ground her co-singer Robin Thicke’s crotch. In short, nothing that people do not routinely find on the Internet these days.


There has been considerable outrage at her performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) on Sunday. Parents of young girls are reacting from the vantage point of their daughters having been hysterical fans of Cyrus in her relatively innocuous avatar in Disney Channel’s ‘Hannah Montana’. They forget that child stars grow up and reach puberty and beyond. Not that the character of Hannah Montana was particularly innocent but compared to what people saw during the VMAs she could be called pristine in 2006.

Perhaps there is some mild case to be made that her performance caught the unsuspecting young viewers by unpleasant surprise. As standards of “decency” go it is ironic that Cyrus, who was infinitely more covered than Lady Gaga, who barely covered herself in a seashell bikini and bikini top, seemed to inspire more rage. For me personally, both were not particularly imaginative.
For whatever reasons of angst, Cyrus did what she did for about six minutes. It is undeserving of any profound social commentary other than saying it is undeserving of any profound social commentary.
While I am on the subject, Cyrus has always reminded me of this Indian child star (I think it was Baby Naaz) whom I saw in the 1961 Hindi movie classic ‘Gunga Jumna’. I am filing the two images under my “Look-alike and feel-alike” category.

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