Visiting Russian realist art


A Soldier’s Daughter by Gely Korzhev, The Institute of Russian Realist Art

In my continuing discovery of art, this morning I visited the Russian Institute of Realist Art on the Google Art Project. I found remarkable works, some of which I have reproduced here. My migraine attack prevents me from dwelling on the details in terms of art appreciation but this random collection should give you a flavor of what is on display. It is worthwhile to check the link out.

Like all great works of art, looking at these you feel intrigued by people and things being portrayed. You want to know more about them but can never really find out because it is impossible to replicate the time when the painters painted these.  The result is that you are left to build your own stories about them. For instance, what is the soldier’s daughter above contemplating? For that matter, what is going through the old soldier’s mind? Or below, what is brewing inside G G Serova’s mind?

When I look at such works I begin to freshly disdain what I try to pass off as my own art. It is nothing more than an assault of colorful abstractions. No wonder then I have not been able to sell a single one of them. Perhaps it is time to withdraw into the world I am much more familiar with—the one of words.


Portrait of G G Serova by Vladimir Serov


Sheep Grazing by Arkady Plastov


March in Suzdal, A Blue Day by Kim Britov


Abundant Autumn by Vladimir Yanaki


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