Again taking in billion pixel views of Mars


‘Rocknest’ as photographed by Curiosity’s billion pixel camera

It has been a while since I checked out the NASA rover, Curiosity’s billion pixel views of the Martian surface. The images are stunning and eventually disorienting for a mind like mine that is forever trying to escape my current earthly fetters.

I continue to marvel at the sheer technological accomplishment of this mission which allows someone like me to do the next best thing to actually visiting Mars. The billion pixel camera offers views that are astonishingly detailed from our distance from the planet. I just chose a random view of what NASA calls ‘Rocknest’ and began zooming in. The image above is the general view of the site and the three immediately below offer extraordinary close-ups.

The red Martian dust looks so vivid in these images that I almost coughed as if I had inhaled it.




My favorite from the panoramic view remains the view of the “Shiny Rocks” (The three images below), especially the rock in the middle that almost looks like it was consciously sculpted. It makes me want to possess it.

Perhaps my benchmarks for purpose and success of such missions are too low but I think it is more than enough that they offer such views of our celestial neighborhood and sustain our sense of wonderment. Anything else above this, including Martian life, would be a wholly undeserved bonus.





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