Looking for the right phone charger

Have you noticed how when your phone charger goes missing and when you look for it you find a whole cluster of the old, useless ones and never the right one? I have even found the charger for the first prototype mobile phone that Martin Cooper used but not the one I am looking for. (Geek alert and literary exaggeration).

Well, if you do not face this particularly vexing problem of the 21st century, then you are a superior human species to what I am. I normally gather up my phone charger, nasal drops, a bottle of antacid and migraine pain killer before any movement. At least three of these are connected to each other. You figure out which ones.

In my latest move I remembered to carry the last three but misplaced the phone charger. As I rummaged through various boxes and bags I was ensnared by about a dozen useless chargers, which begs the question—What in the blue blazes am I doing with those chargers? It is not like some gold one stashes away for desperate times. These chargers do not fetch you a farthing. In fact, getting rid of them is some process.

While I am ranting at life’s trivialities, I might as well tell you about how hard it is to untangle wires. Keep any two wires together and in no time you would find them in an obscenely passionate embrace of the kind that even Vatsayana could not have imagined. I told a bunch wires engaged in a six-some to get a room. They turned around and said “We are in a box and that is our room.”

The reason for this rather short and unnecessary post is that I have been without much access to the Internet. I found some unsecured random connection which I am using to quickly upload before I lose it.


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