Plugging upcoming release of Dalai Lama biography in Gujarati


Six years after it was first published by Doubleday in America and by over 20 others worldwide (not to mention generously plugged by me in this column), my biography of the Dalai Lama with a new chapter is set to be released in two days in my native Gujarati language. Chetan Sangani, a young publisher running his own WBG Publication in Ahmedabad, says he has seen the first sample copy of the book and it “looks wonderful.” Wonderful is good because I do need some wonder these days, especially the kind of wonder that comes sharply etched on paper out of the mint.

Translated by Sudha Mehta, the biography will be out without my presence. I would have liked to be in Ahmedabad but one cannot travel on one’s like. One needs an airline ticket for that, which in turn requires money that is printed on paper by the government mint. So there. It completes the circle.

Presuming some of my fellow Gujarati read this blog, here is my unabashed appeal: Go buy the heck out of this book and make it bona fide bestseller. When he first approached me for the Gujarati rights, Chetan was confident about selling at least 20,000 copies. So prove him right even if it means eating some less fafda-jalebi and buying fewer stocks. Whether you read or not is your choice but do buy. How is that for a plug?


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