"At gunpoint if you were forced to have a gay encounter..”


Karan Johar

The tossup this morning is between “An ultrafast mode of vesicle endocytosis — a crucial process occurring at neural junctions that underpins brain function”, the imminent reintroduction of the print version of Newsweek and the new season of “Koffee with Karan”. Being a creature of shallow waters, I naturally choose the latter.

For those of you not familiar with it, “Koffee with Karan” is a television interview show on Star World hosted by the highly successful Indian film director and producer Karan Johar. It is a sort of verbal incest among soft-heeled, perky-boobed and hard-abed movie stars with fake hints of controversy dished out to complicit urban Indians every week.

Being the ultimate insider, who in many ways defines and embodies the quintessence of popular Hindi cinema, Johar manages to round up the same bunch of usual A-list suspects season after season and ask them what are meant to be probing yet deferential questions of them. It is a fun show that is conducted in a glamor filled echo chamber inhabited by the sort of people whose idea of a devastating crisis would be a chipped nail here or a smudged lipstick there.

Lest it seem that I disapprove of the show, let it be known that I am all for it as long as those who enable this glamsuckfest know that it has no real value.


Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor on ‘Koffee with Karan’

That said, as part of the format Johar asks his guests what are called rapid fire questions of the kind designed to generate ratings. One such question that Johar reads from his smartphone goes like this: "At gunpoint if you were forced to have a gay encounter (with a woman/man) who would you prefer it to be?"

The question has to be viewed in the context of innuendoes, nudge-nudges, and wink-winks about Johar’s own sexual orientation. It makes zero difference to me what that is but it is necessary to contextualize the question. What strikes me about the framing of the question is that Johar prefaces it with “At gunpoint” as if there is no other possible way any of the celebrities on his show might consider gay love. I am fairly certain this is not the best way to advance the gay agenda, if that is the implicit intent behind the question.

It is believed by here in America that early television shows with gay themes played a significant role in changing the virulently negative view of gay lifestyle. Of course, Johar’s show does not even remotely have that theme but in the Indian context even the idea of fantasy or coerced gay love would not go unnoticed.

Unless Johar is motivated by some sadomasochistic lovemaking in the realm of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ I am not sure what the purpose of qualifying the question with “at gunpoint” is. Perhaps there is some deep psychology here that eludes my shallow mind.

The show’s default mood is letting the grimy hoi polloi outside press their noses against the glass wall that separates them from the glamorous world that Johar and the rest live in and enjoy some cock and pussy teasing that goes on inside, in a manner of speaking. In short, it’s all good.


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