“What life? I have been away”

It is just as well that Sherlock Holmes is alive. Or as he might say, “It is elementary, my dear Watson, that I am alive. How else could we have Series 3?”

Just as Jeremy Brett was born to play Sherlock Holmes as originally conceived by Arthur Conan Doyle, Benedict Cumberbatch was born to play the slickly updated contemporary Holmes. Watching the trailer of BBC One’s upcoming series, the first expression came to my mind was “It is elementary, my dear Watson.”

BBC One is pulling out all stops to promote their hit series, part 2 of which had ended with Holmes jumping off a building. Even as he was jumping off no one believed even for a microsecond that he had died. (Cliché alert) Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Apart from its overall commercial success it was a huge critical hit.

Just as Brett had captured Holmes’ surly brilliance powerfully, Cumbercatch in his avatar as a reimagined and glossy Sherlock has been pitch perfect. I generally like the highly talented Robert Downey Jr. as an actor but his turn as Holmes in Guy Ritchie’s movies is a bit of a joke. He is just too efficient in an assembly line sort of way. Cumberbatch on the other hand lives the role.

One of the primary attributes of Sherlock as one of the world’s most iconic and enduring fictional heroes is his menacing self-absorption and moody temperament. That personality is aptly summed up in a couple of lines in this trailer. When freshly alive Sherlock is informed by his brother Mycroft that “He”, as in Watson, has “got on with his life.” The great detective turns around and says “What life? I have been away.”

I look forward to Series 3 with great anticipation not only because of the unfailing appeal of Sherlock but its glistening production values. Unlike the Baker Street of yore, where you could practically smell its fusty tobacco-laden dampness on the wet cobblestone street, ‘Sherlock’ has a polish and high resolution that is uplifting.


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