Introducing a collection of buttons and broaches


My new buttons and broaches line under the non-existent brand name msquaredc

Think of me as a cross between Sheikh Chilli and Walter Mitty. This hybrid necessarily requires that inhibition is completely absent from my life. It is a pure fantasy existence where all manners of fantastic things happen to me purely fictionally.

That must explain why even as I fail to sell any of my digital paintings on Saatchi Online, I have introduced a line of buttons and broaches under a non-existent brand name msquaredc (See the logo below). This is in keeping with the idea of merchandizing my artworks that I suggested the other day on this blog.


This particular line of buttons and broaches uses green and blue gemstones such as apatite, zircon, sapphire, tanzanite, kyanite (in the blue range) and tsavorite garnet, emerald, chrome diopside and peridot (in the green range). By the way, I did not know of many of these names until this morning when I had to look up on the Internet to see what might fit my color combination and design.

The msquaredc line of buttons and broaches can be worn in any number of ways, including on turbans, lapels, rings,pendants, earrings and so on.

Perhaps there is some natural defense mechanism at work here against a staggering failure when I call it a purely fictional existence. However, I highly recommend everyone to build castles in the air and live in them until the daydreaming is rudely interrupted by something as boring as oppressive banalities of real life.


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