An opportunity for some trivial bragging

The main post for the day is coming up in a bit but in the mean time a glorious opportunity for an irrelevant hack to indulge in some trivial bragging.

What the State Department says today, Mayank Chhaya says two days prior.

Here is what State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said yesterday about Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade’s immunity after her shift to India’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations:

"When immunity is conferred, it does not retroactively take effect at a previous point in time but relates solely to the diplomat’s current status."

Here is what Mayank Chhaya said in his blog on December 18 (I even used Latin):

"I am not sure if the diplomatic immunity makes any material difference to the case ex post facto. Perhaps it does in terms of what happens to her now."

Now may be a good time to applaud.

P.S.: In case it is lost on you, Mayank Chhaya is me.


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