Miley Cyrus adores herself

Miley Cyrus adores herself and with some justification. Her latest video ‘Adore You’, apparently leaked by “some dick” (her words), has already been viewed nearly six and a half million times as of this morning. Evidently, there are millions who adore her as well.

The video’s theme is soft-focus self-pleasuring between white sheets whose fabric I could not determine. But I suppose the fabric is extraneous to what is being performed. She appears to be in the early throes of some indescribably pleasurable experience, many glimpses of which she is generous enough to offer us all via this video. In short, it is all good.

The primary purpose of such enterprise is as much to sell the new single as it is about perpetuating the Miley mystique. The image is intrinsic to her career as a singer-performer. Twerking and swinging naked on a wrecking ball are all part of a strategy to keep the attention riveted to her as much as possible. The strategy is obviously working.

This is the kind of video which comes with the ‘NSFW’ warning by websites that carry it. NSFW, for those of you clueless about the world of modern abbreviations, stands for Not Safe For Work, meaning if you start watching it at work there are fairly good prospects of you getting fired because it is too raunchy. Fortunately, it is my business to watch such NSFW content.  I saw the video and found it to be anything but raunchy. Sure, she touches herself a lot in many suggestive ways but the final effect is disturbingly asexual. If the purpose is to demystify self-pleasuring so much that it comes across as rather unsexy, then it works wonderfully well. Of course, that is not the purpose. The objective is to be talked about and it is working very well when you consider that even an obscure blog like this one has a couple of things to say about it.

In August this year I said this about her onstage twerking during the MTV Video Music Awards : “As the coarsening of pop culture goes, I would rate Miley Cyrus foam-fingering the entertainment world at 0.724 on a scale of 10. In other words, it means nothing. It has no significance. It is not an indicator of any pop trends. It is not even remotely shocking. Silly? Sure, you can call it that. It was also manufactured rebellious juvenilia but beyond that it deserves no response.

She twerked her perky buttocks in the audience’s face, suggestively moved her right hand gloved in a foam finger through her own crotch and ground her co-singer Robin Thicke’s crotch. In short, nothing that people do not routinely find on the Internet these days.”

That sentiment pretty much sums up my response to this latest video as well. More power to her if she is able to keep up her magic alive by whatever means because in the world of pop music singing talent is just an incidental part of the deal.


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