“Baby, Yeh Alok Nath kaun hai, aadmi hai ke teerath dham?”

Memes are babies born of social media incest. And do they proliferate quickly or do they proliferate quickly?

This morning I discovered that Indian actor Alok Nath began trending so much on Twitter so suddenly in the form of some pretty hilarious jokes that he has become a bona fide meme.

Alok Nath, for those of you who do not know about him, is a successful movie and television actor almost irremediably assigned to play roles that swing between being pious and beatific. If Pious and Beatific Singh had a baby boy, they would name him Alok Nath.

His onscreen characters routinely speak of “Sanskar”, the word for ‘family values’ in many Indian languages. A mash-up of all the characters that he has played—and he has played a ton—could be described pious wistfulness. The default expression of his onscreen persona is one that might be permanently asking the question “But how do I save this wretched world?”

It is against this backdrop that the Twitter jokes, many of them are pretty hilarious in their gratuitous putdown, should be seen. Like all memes it is hard to tell what started it all but going by Indian media reports it could be a random tweet about how India learned all about heart attacks thanks to Alok Nath. Since Alok Nath and tweets about him are so Indian pop culture specific I doubt if my non-Indian readers or even many Indian readers unaware of the actor would catch the humor in them. Well, that’s just too bad.

It is pretty stupid, this whole idea of Twitter lifting “tweeple” out of obscurity and according to them both minor celebrity and followers. At least Alok Nath has to his credit some body of work unlike those who mock and deride him. But that’s the way it is.

Here is a sampling of some funny ones:





Before Alok Nath, there was Ajit, the iconic Indian actor who played many highly visible and successful villainous roles throughout his career. Jokes about what Ajit might say in any given situation abounded for quite sometime but they seem to have faded now. So as a tribute to him here are a couple fresh ones I just confected for the late actor.

When Mona Darling told Ajit that he had been replaced as a meme by Alok Nath, he asked, “Baby, Yeh Alok Nath kaun hai, aadmi hai ke teerath dham?”

Ajit also asked his moll “Mona Darling, aur yeh me-me kya hai?” and then as if hit by a truck called epiphany he said, “Oh, I see, its me, me meaning main hi main.”


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