The rib cracked, Saying Piers has, Full blown narcissism


CNN anchor Piers Morgan taking a hit

The mirror cracked

Saying I have

Full blown narcissism

I wrote this sort of haiku yesterday well before I chanced upon the rather gimmicky encounter between Australian fast bowler Brett Lee and CNN anchor and a man with a case of full blown narcissism Piers Morgan. So I decided to refashion it a bit for Morgan.

The rib cracked

Saying Piers has

Full blown narcissism

Morgan faced Lee’s six blistering deliveries gamely as part of an exhibition encounter on the sidelines of the fourth Ashes test between England and Australia. The encounter ensued after Morgan criticized England’s batsmen for not being courageous enough in the face of Australiaian left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Johnson’s onslaught. I suppose Lee was tying to tell Morgan that if he thought it was that easy to face a fast bowler he should try it firsthand. Morgan did and the result was rather painful to watch and not just because the CNN anchor was hit four times and, as it transpired, the injuries were more serious than they seemed initially. Morgan fell several times trying to stand the ball coming at him nearly 100 miles per hour. He did not connect his bat even once during the over. He broke a rib.

I am not sure about CNN’s policy about its anchors gratuitously subjecting themselves to serious danger but one can guess that the network attorneys and insurance guys are none too happy. Perhaps Morgan signed a waiver beforehand.

Morgan has the reputation of blustery smugness both as a journalist as well as a celebrity. There is a clear element of narcissism to him which is not so pronounced among his fellow CNN anchors with the honorable exception of Anderson Cooper. It is that barely hidden narcissism that prompted Morgan to take on Lee.

I think the iconic New Zealand fast bowler, Sir Richard Hadlee (Sir Richard had lee before Brett had lee—I could not help it) makes valid points about the former Australian’s fast bowler’s decision to go at Morgan as being “stupid” and “appalling.”

"This was a brain explosion of the highest order. Morgan, aged 48, was hit four times on the body and if he was hit on the head or across the heart the result could have been devastating. This should not have been shown on live television – people could have witnessed a tragic accident that the game of cricket never wants to see," ," Hadlee wrote in Fairfax Media.

Of course, both Morgan and Lee are (presumably) grown-ups and they can do what they want with their lives and limbs. However, Hadlee’s argument that this may not help the game of cricket is a fair one. That said we are talking about Piers Morgan here who wakes up every morning and marvels at the fact that the passage of a full night has done nothing to diminish his Piers Morganness. He is thoroughly enjoying the adulation and derision in the true spirit of a pure narcissist.

The rib may have cracked but his ego has emerged unscathed from under that helmet. As for his brain, we can not ascertain that immediately.


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