Nature’s inherent detachment


This is what it feels like today in Chicago area. When you step out into double digit subzero temperatures (It is –17 F at the time of this writing and with wind chill it feels like –45 F) at first you are enveloped by a severe cold blast, then you feel nothing for a few moments and then you start to feel physical pain in the extremities.

The painting above was not done for this particular polar vortex that has taken over much of the United States but it was meant to generally capture the pristine beauty of snow and ice. But I think it works under the circumstances.

I have occasionally written about how nature does not necessarily work to first create, then either sustain or destroy life. It does what it does irrespective of its consequence. Nature has no direct stake in sentient well-being. I find nature’s inherent detachment admirable, albeit often spectacularly destructive. But then there are so many times it just leaves you enraptured with its effortless if unintended beauty. See the picture below. That’s all for today.



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