X-Ray Moon Evanescence





Let me overanalyze my own artworks this morning. I have tried hard to make as little sense as possible even while sounding terribly cerebral.

The artist has self-consciously christened the four plates ‘X-Ray Moon Evanescence’. It is really a story of the ultimate paradox that pervades our universe. At one level everything is clear about the universe if you care to look with the ionizing gaze of X-Ray but in doing so you simultaneously destroy the object you are looking at. It is a version of the Uncertainty Principle, I suppose.

The idea of marrying X-Ray, which strips everything down to its essence, and Evanescence, which makes everything disappear, is part of the artist’s lifelong quest to reconcile the irreconcilable, mix the immiscible and erase the inerasable.

I think with these four X-Ray plates of a masterpiece the artist should call it a day—evanesce as it were.


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