Opening a new web shop



It is not the shop that sells goods but their quality that does it. Bearing in mind that silly truism that I just coined, I introduce my second web shop to sell my artworks. It can be found here:

On display are 13 works of mine that cannot be found on my Saatchi Online portfolio here: Of course, nothing has ever sold on Saatchi in the last couple of years or so that I have been trying to hawk. So to remedy that I am opening a new shop in order to sell more of nothing.

The odd name of my URL at has to do with the fact that I am so far using their free package. Once I sell something I may choose to buy my own domain. This is a crude hint to all you freeloaders. It is bad enough that you read this scintillating blog free of charge. Do your conscience a favor; tickle it a bit and buy a damn piece. (Mock effrontery).

Even if I say so myself, my artworks, when condensed and arranged in the 16:9 aspect ratio windows, do look quite attractive. I mean look at the two frames above. Don’t you agree that there is a certain visual attractiveness to them?

Don’t miss how I have kept the word “Shop” on top of the frames in an effort to subliminally influence you to buy right now.

Here is a fake interview of mine with Famous Critic (FC) that should accompany these works:

FC: There is a lot of genre-jumping in these works. Not that it is a reaffirmation of your merit but I couldn’t help but notice that. Is it that you have not found your groove or you just don’t give a damn?

MC: I think if I say I don’t give a damn, it works much better. So let’s go with I don’t give a damn.

FC: From ‘O’Toole’ to ‘Mosque’ to ‘Electric Moon’ to ‘Girl and Yellow River’ to ‘Joss Sticks’ to ‘Black Kites’, phew!, I already feel exhausted.

MC: Well, one of us here has to produce actual content rather than just hot air out of his mouth. Better me than you.

FC: Oooh! An angry artist!

MC: Are we going to talk anything about my works or you are here just to struggle to gratuitously insult me?

FC: I have just one serious question for you.

MC: What’s that?

FC: Why?

MC: Why what?

FC: I mean why do this when you could not be doing this?

MC: I have the same question for you.

The interview ends.


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