“No one knows, no one knows… Here”

Very much like the unintrusive melodiousness of this lovely song, its memory came softly this morning. Composed by the brilliantly talented Salil Chowdhury and written by the decidedly understated Yogesh for the 1972 movie ‘Annadata’, the song may not have the kind of recall value that other songs might have. However, as you listen to it you discover its charms.

The song opens with the soothing strains of the sitar and then moves to the flute and the violin with the visuals doing perfect justice to its mood. Obviously under instructions from director Asit Sen, cinematographer Kamal Bose keeps the frames spare. There are some effective text book editing cuts by editor Tarun Datta. The interesting part is that the light throughout the song is uplifting even though the song’s mood is somber and slightly despairing.

I began by mentioning the song’s unintrusive melodiousness. Listen to the bit from “Sach yeh kahin, Honge ya nahin, Koi jane na, Koi jane na….Yahan” (Will they (dreams) come true? No one knows, no one knows… Here”.

The change of the tempo between the two “Koi jane na” and then the finish “Yahan” is deeply satisfying. I don’t know about you but every time I hear a composition that has these little deft touches I sing along with it and smile as if I am the only one privy to its subtle beauty.

Chowdhury, who would be considered a great movie composer on any list, was known for such gentility. For instance, he, lyricist Yogesh and singer Mukesh created the same atmospheric quietude in the hit song “Kahin door jab din dhal jaye” in the 1971 ‘Anand’ directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Watch below.


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