“….only the accusers who show up now”


‘Readers’ by MC

It can be fairly argued that this blog is more often than not an exercise in self-indulgence. As part of that I do slip in my own poetry in Hindi/Urdu that I have been writing since my teenage.

Over the years—decades really—I have ended up gathering many solitary verses that never blossomed into fully realized poems. They all lead a life of glorious literary isolation. However, there are times when they begin courting each other; I mean two disparate verses probably written a fair bit of time apart.

This morning two such verses written some eight months apart in 1979 came together rather seamlessly. Those of you who know about the structure of the ghazal would know that it does not have to address one underlying common poetic theme. Verses in a ghazal can be totally unconnected in the sense that each of them may convey a stand alone idea or emotion or thought or observation.

The two verses that I refer to are the following. The second one was written first but I think it fits better as the second verse in this combination.


Here is the lose translation. I have not bothered to rhyme it in English:

The convoy has departed and you are still here?

I have heard that the message is delivered only in solitude

The knock on the door startles me

For it is only the accusers who show up now

One has to have a poet’s vantage point to be able to understand the sense of elation that such fusion can engender. There is nothing even remotely productive about what I did this morning in terms of material contribution to the world. Notwithstanding that I feel almost euphoric that I brought these two unconnected verses together.

As I said they both survived all these decades in glorious literary isolation and that too not far from each other on the pages of my scarp book. But it is only now that they have come together to form what I think is a charming joining of ideas. (I warned you there was going to be self-indulgence today).


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