Stop describing primordial gravitational waves as “Holy Grail”of cosmology


‘Gravitational Waves’ by MC

Whether or not scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics today announce the discovery of the much speculated primordial gravitational waves, I have a request. Stop describing any likely discovery of primordial gravitational waves as the “Holy Grail” of cosmology. This is science. There are no holy grails here. There is nothing even holy here. So please take the grail elsewhere pout whatever liquid catches your fancy and drink.

As I await the announcement—if indeed it is what the physics community suspects it could be—I have captured my own primordial gravitational waves in the digital painting above. The discovery of such waves would mean that we would be getting a glimpse of our truly primordial past when the universe was in its explosive nascence.

Albert Einstein theorized the existence such gravitational waves which he said cause ripples in the fabric of spacetime. In a sense, detecting gravitational waves now is akin to you and I sending a message today and some unimaginably large version of us receiving it some 14 billion years from now. This is a disorienting idea but then is there anything in the universe that is not disorienting?


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