A candle is an easy handle

The Candle

The Candle by Mayank Chhaya

One of the prime attractions of digital painting is the sheer luxury of throwing colors on a virtual canvas without caring about what the eventual work may become. More often than not, something visually cohesive does emerge. Take for instance, the painting above that I finished this morning.

It started as a hue of blue-black as the background. I had a color in mind and managed to manufacture it from the color dial on Fresh Paint. The seemingly black background that you see in the painting is actually a hue from the extreme end of light blue. I am sure there is a gradation and name for it but I don’t know either.

Once the background was painted I started brush-stroking red on to it. That’s what gives it the crimson sky effect. That was followed by just some swirling of white in the middle that first looked like a white anthill underwater. However, as I kept refining it, it started to look like a white candle. That’s when I decided to paint over the base of the anthill and just keep the tip. That tip became what you see now as a candle floating in water. The flame was added at the very end.

The painting’s trajectory from a blue-black canvas to what it is now was a process full of creative joy for me. Most of what I do is abstract, mainly because I can’t really draw that well. Once in a while I attempt something that is identifiable, something the viewer can get a handle on. A candle is an easy handle. (I had to slip in that silly rhyme). So there.


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