Javier Montesol: Very now, very evocative


Take any painting of Javier Montesol and you get the sense that you have caught urgent lines in the midst of forming an image. They seem incomplete and yet they are so tellingly evocative. I discovered Montesol this morning on—where else?—Google Art Project. I was looking for something very now and very urban and found it in Montesol’s prolific body of works.

Going through both the Google Art Project and Montesol’s website the most striking aspect of his works, apart from his obvious sense of proportions, is his brilliant use of colors. At first look, these may seem like an easy style to emulate. It is anything but. It is extremely hard. At least for me, at any rate.

As I browsed through Montesol’s paintings it also began to become obvious that he possesses some extraordinary technique in bringing together disparate colors, figures, shapes and proportions. Just to be able to control so many features and still being able to produce one cohesive image takes extraordinary talent.

I have chosen some random works here to illustrate Montesol’s modernity and a keen eye for urban images. In the 2012 painting right below titled ‘La mujer de rojo’ (The woman in red), take the woman in red out and the painting immediately loses its anchor. I have sliced out the detail of the woman to show you how even in that rush of lines, she looks captivating. Look at her gait. It makes her seem unattainable.I could be running the risk of suspending my critical faculties here but I find any and all work of Montesol captivating.

If If had even 10 percent of Montesol’s talent as a painter I would have quit my current profession.


La mujer de rojo, 2012, Montesol








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