Six uncritical conclusions about India’s election

Here are my six uncritical conclusions about India’s election inferred from its coverage by a substantial part of the Indian media. In reaching them, all that I needed to do was to believe everything that has been said and distil it down to six points.

  • All that remains for Narendra Modi to decide is which color kurta to wear to his swearing-in and which family members to take with him. The latter is easy—none. The former much harder since he has so many.
  • All that Rahul Gandhi has to decide is at which MNREGA site to seek a temporary employment.
  • All that Sonia Gandhi has to decide is whether to make corkscrew pasta or seashell pasta when Rahul returns home exhausted from MNREGA work.
  • All that the Bharatiya Janata Party has to decide is how to accommodate its 300 plus Members of Parliament with ministerial positions.
  • All that the Congress Party has to decide is how to disband itself.
  • All that India needs to address its vast variety of problems is to let Narendra Modi work uninterrupted in his South Block office for one full day.

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