Here is what happened in Germany vs. Brazil


‘Football’ by Mayank Chhaya

Here is what happened in the Germany vs. Brazil semifinal yesterday. The Brazilian team was confused where the goal was and who was supposed to score. They thought it was a communal game, played in the spirit of larger good, where it did not matter who scored and how many as long someone scored and as many.

Germany, on the other hand, believed in no such thing. They thought they were playing against themselves and the Brazilians were just spectators running on to the ground, trying to disrupt their play. It was only in the fading moments of the semifinal did Brazil realize that it was a contest between two teams and they were one of those two teams and must therefore score something at least.

Experts greater, smarter, more intelligent and more passionate than me would have already analyzed every aspect of what happened yesterday. I doubt though if anyone has considered this angle that I write about. The Germans mistook the football field as a tract of the Amazon forest that must be plundered. They thought the goals were fruits that must be felled by the dozen but did not have enough time. That is my short analysis.

Not having any favorite in a game helps in the sense that you applaud whoever is playing a better game. It is similar to when I go for my daughter’s football matches. I applaud any good move or a pass or a save or a goal by anyone on the field. Initially, the partisan parents were intrigued by my conduct but now they know that I just appreciate a good game irrespective of who plays it. As it always happens to me while watching a football game, I wondered what if Earth’s gravity was even slightly less or slightly more than it is. Of course, we would have evolved differently in that context and played the game faster or slower without knowing the difference.


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