My story of laptop woes continues


An old picture of mine completely unrelated to the post

I am precariously close to setting my laptop on fire or pouring sulfuric acid on it or smashing it with a 10-pound sledgehammer because of its wayward ways. (Literary exaggeration.)

The popups triggered by SupraAds have gotten so bad that they come up even when the laptop is completely switched off and unplugged. Last night, I saw them in my sleep and clicked the close button several times. With every click they only grew larger rather than closing.

My woes have been compounded by the perpetual failure of Shockwave Flash to load on Google Chrome. It is only during those rare lucid intervals when popups are resting, Shockwave Flash is not crashing, hourglass is not loading and blue circle is not circling that I manage to get any work done. Almost any website that I load shows a dozen or so circles circling in various corners with my system making the thrashing sound. It reminds me of the Premier Padmini or Ambassador cars in the 1970s and 1980s when they would accelerate a lot but really would not cover any distance at all. 

On top of all this, the laptop’s age is a decisive factor in pushing the machine into agonizing oblivion. I am at a stage where it has become a source of near sadistic pleasure. I look at the laptop agape as it battles its inevitable death in the very near future. It could well happen in the middle of this sentence.

It could well be full of weird viruses that every intelligence agency around the world wants to test. This is notwithstanding that Microsoft’s Security Essentials tells me that my Toshiba is fully protected.

I have this vision of popups, hour glasses and half complete circles floating above my head as I try to swat them in an insane frenzy. That would be quite a conclusion to this story of laptop woes.


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