Clockmelt–from virtual to real



Clockmelt by Mayank Chhaya

What began as a few strokes of red on the Fresh Paint app is now a 40 inches by 20 inches real print on paper. Of the more than 100 digital artworks that I have created so far, I had not printed any until yesterday. As part of potential business development I ordered this print at a local Office Max.

The first test that someone other than me might find this piece attractive and unusual came from the young man at the office store when he said, “That’s a cool abstract.” He wondered from where I had downloaded it because he did not immediately suspect that I could be the one who had painted it. When I told him it was my creation, he repeated the compliment.

While Facebook friends have been unfailingly generous in their appreciation of my digital artworks, it was for the first time that an actual physical representation of one of those was being seen by an outsider. Dear friend and fellow journalist turned successful painter Prakash Bal Joshi told me on his last visit to Chicago that it is a rather uplifting feeling to be seen as an “artist.” I had not experienced that until yesterday when I saw the way the young man’s expression changed after I told him it was my work. It is not my case that this is art, let alone good art, but in so much as it means that what I created had any impact at all on someone other than me, it was a thrill.

I have in the past shamelessly plugged my creations here. Among the things I have said is the ease of diverse merchandising potential of what I produce. While they can always be framed and used as art pieces on walls, they also lends themselves rather well to other things. They can be on garments, linens, plates, shoes or anything else that might potential buyers like. For instance, I think this could make quirky lingerie or a shawl.

The Office Max staffer was a bit unsure of my reaction because there are ripples in the paper caused by the heavy red and black inks. It is just as well because when I put it on my sofa the paper enveloped its contours well. It almost looks like a throw.

If this venture takes off, I intend producing a line of my own.


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