‘The Javelin Man’ and his ‘The Neon Umbrella Café’


The Javelin Man by Mayank Chhaya


The Neon Umbrella Café by Mayank Chhaya

Space then was like a superblack and empty dartboard. There was nothing, I mean really nothing. It was so nothing that there was no language to describe it either. That is when the Javelin Man lived. It was time before time.

Everything about him was neon—his hair was neon pink, his clothes were neon blue and pink and his shoes were also neon pink.

One night—or was it a day because it was perpetually superblack everywhere in the universe except this glowing neon speck floating around aimlessly, he decided to change it. The only skill he had was to be able isolate neon from the air. Not knowing what to do with himself he decided to isolate neon and make star-tipped javelins out of it.

He then started hurling the star-tipped javelins at the dartboard. The stars stuck to the dartboard but the javelin sticks fell around him. After he had darted enough neon stars he decided to use the sticks as umbrella handles. He built neon umbrellas and neon chairs. He put up a neon sign that said ‘The Neon Umbrella Café’. He now awaits customers to visit his café.

The End

Note to self: I think I have officially lost it now. If there was nothing then, really nothing, how come there was the Javelin Man? This is bogus, man!


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