A gimmicky post

Let me admit right away that this is gimmicky, somewhat pretentious and of doubtful literary merit. That said, I am still going to attempt it. I would rather fail trying than succeed at doing nothing. (The latter has its own unique merit but about that some other time).

In recent years, I have been fascinated by linguistic and literary experimentation. One is to write poetry in a mixture of languages. Here is one that I wrote this morning. It is in Marathi, English, Hindi and Gujarati in that order. These are among the six languages which I am reasonably proficient at. It is hard for me to say which is the language of conception here but I think in this particular case they were all born together as quadruplets.

I think it rhymes and makes poetic sense as well.

माला सांग मी काइ करू?

Shall I continue to woo you?

क्या तेरे अवगुण चित्त न धरुं?

અને રોજ તારા વખાણ કરું?

मयंक छाया

Tell me what I should do

Shall I continue to woo you?

Shall I disregard your flaws too?

And shall I keep praising you?

I frequently find myself thinking in any of the languages I know and understand reasonably well. Apart from the four here, I understand Urdu and Punjabi. I use the word understand somewhat loosely because there are times when one is inferring rather than comprehending. However, the process is so rapid that the brain cheats itself into thinking that it comprehends rather than merely infers. A language that I would like to acquire is Spanish. I prefer learning without really attempting to learn. I have not really formally learned any of the languages that I know. I am sure that lack of learning shows up from time to time.

Living in America one rues the fact that most people do not show any interest in learning/acquiring any language other than English which they inherit. One often encounters near visceral resentment towards other languages. It is a form of rather silly nationalism which manifests across the world. People should think of languages as flowers. The more varied they are, the better they look and smell.


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