First few thoughts about Apple Watch

The first thing that strikes you about the Apple Watch is how utterly unnecessary it is. Almost simultaneously, you are hit by its price starting at $349 apiece. I am already priced out of it at that number. Actually, I am priced out of anything at any number now.

The next is its health and fitness tracking system that lets you know how unfit you are.

Then, of course, there is its time keeping function that lets you know that it is running out for you. And that too it is synchronized with the universal time giving you an accuracy of plus or minus 50 milliseconds.  Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized "50 milliseconds" as if its wearers could tell a second from a millisecond or, for that matter, the universal time from the earthly time. Who wants an accuracy of plus or minus 50 milliseconds? It is not as if you are operating a spaceship that might miss an exoplanet in the far reaches of Laniakea if you did not have that kind time accuracy.

The watch has a function that lets you send your heartbeat to a fellow Apple Watch wearer. It sounds cool but unless you are sending it to your cardiologist I don’t see its utility beyond one such exchange. Astonishingly, it has no app yet for the exchange of bodily fluids.

These are just some early observations about the continuing advances in the wearable technology space. Apple is a late entrant since there are already others like Samsung, Sony and Motorola in the play but then Cook’s explanation is that being the first is not important but being the best is. I look at such gadgets only in terms of their technological advance. From that standpoint, once you get past your resentful angst you cannot but marvel at how remarkable technology is becoming. The Apple Watch is an admirable piece of work. I am not the kind who reflexively looks for utility in gadgets. I am quite capable of admiring form for the sake of form, disregarding function. That said, it seems to me that we are becoming suckers for toys.


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